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Authentic Thai Massage

(US$ 24 per hour/90 min. $30/2 hours $34)

Authentic Thai massage is a non-oil, full body massage and stretching treatment which makes your body more flexible and relaxed. It combines deep muscle kneading with stretches to loosen stiff joints and relax tight muscles. Thai massage draws on ancient Ayurvedic medical practice. Unlike the massage styles you may know in your home country, Thai massage pays attention to blood circulation and pressure points. The massage begins with the feet and gradually moves upwards towards the head. We will use our hands, arms and knees to release your tension. Note: This type of massage can be somewhat painful on parts of the body, especially when it is your first time, as strong pressure may be applied. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself in our tight grip! Please indicate to the Therapist if the amount of pressure is too much – but remember no pain, no gain!


Benefits: Relaxed muscles that stretch more easily. Reduced pain in muscles and joints. Improved blood circulation Stimulated nervous system.

Special Oil Massage - No scent ​

(US$26 per hour/90 min. $32/2 hours $36)

Special oil massage is an oil applied full body massage that focuses on kneading and stroking all muscles of the body. It aims to provide deep relaxation and release of tension. You may fall asleep during the massage!

The Therapist will ask the level of pressure you prefer (soft, medium or firm, or somewhere in between) and the areas of the body you want us to concentrate on. Therapists will use their hands, thumbs, elbows and, in some cases, knees. We use a specially for Satu Satu Spa prepared oil based on coconut oil. The oil is practically scentless.

Satu Satu Aroma Massage ​

(US$ 28 per hour /90 minutes $34 / 2 hours $38)

Satu Satu Aroma massage is similar to the Special Oil Massage but uses a very special essential oil. The oil itself is coconut based and enriched with Jojoba, and Shea butter. It has a very nourishing and relaxing effect on the skin, improves blood circulation and provides deep moisturization. We recommend that you shower without soap after the massage to retain the benefits for your skin.

The oil can be chosen is three distinct and relaxing scents:

  • French Lavender: has a clean elegant scent and promotes relaxation and sleep!
  • Happy Lotus: gives you a sweet, energized, youthful feeling that make you feel like you just woke up in a lotus garden!
  • Satu Satu Signature Spa Blend: a blend of five herbs, including Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemon Grass, Peppermint and Sweet Orange. It has a calming and refreshing effect on your mind.

Trigger Point Massage /Office Syndrome ​

(US$ 32 per hour/90 minutes $38, 2 hours $42)

Trigger point massage is a recommended treatment for people with chronic muscle pain or stiffness in specific areas of the body such as neck, shoulder,  back, or legs. Or local pain in joints such as in hands, wrist, elbow, knee, and foot. The therapist focusses on providing pressure on muscles, ligaments and nerves to heal muscle knots, stimulate blood circulation and stretch surrounding muscles. For example: back pain is often linked to muscle tension in buttocks, hips and legs caused by sitting behind a desk for long hours. The Therapist will explore the connections in your body with you. The massage will help blood flow towards the affected muscles and joints. Pain will be relieved and muscle knots healed (gradually with rest and repeated treatment). The Therapist may use a balm or massage oil to better massage the muscles. Drinking water after the massage to remove toxins released during the massage is recommended.

Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage

(US$ 28 per hour, 90 min. $34, 2 hours $38)

Balinese Massage is full body massage based on the massage tradition of the Indonesian Island of Bali. The massage includes kneading and stroking with the palms of the hands. The Therapist uses scentless essential oil based on coconut, jojoba and shea butter. Please indicate the level of pressure the Therapist should apply (soft, medium, or firm). Please feel free to adjust as the massage progresses. Balinese is a very gentle and soothing form of massage.

Body Scrub Massage ​

Body Scrub Massage

(US$ 30 for 45 min.)

Our body scrub massage gently exfoliates your skin, removing dead cells, removing impurities and reducing spots and blemishes. We use a combination of black and pink Himalayan salt and a Japanese Onsen mineral blend to improve the blood circulation and oxygen flow in the skin. The mineral blend provides many health benefits. The treatment leaves your skin soft, smooth and evenly-toned.

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology

(US$ 24 per hour, 90 minutes $30, 2 hours $34)

Your foot is your most trusted companion and bears a lot of weight every day. This massage aims to relax and reinvigorate the foot and related organs and ares of the body. It use acupressure and kneading techniques on specific areas of the foot. The zones and reflex areas of the foot reflect areas and organs of the body. In this way not only is the foot massaged, the therapy has a positive on various organs and areas of the body. The massage uses oil to make make the skin supple and smooth. Our therapists also use a small wooden stick to direct pressure directly on specific reflex areas.

Post-operative Massage

Post-operative Massage

(US$36 for 1 hour)

For women having had surgery in the breast area after introduction of implants (or their removal), breasts may feel tender or painful due to scar tissue or muscle pain. This very gentle massage helps to restore cell tissue, heal scars and accommodate implants.

Combinations ​

  • Thai (30 min.) + Special Oil (US$25 per hour, 90 minutes $31, 2 hours $35)
  • Thai (30 min.) + Yoga Stretching (US$25 per hour, 90 minutes $31, 2 hours $35)
  • Thai (30 min.) + Aroma Massage (US$26 per hour, 90 minutes $32, 2 hours $36)
  • Thai (30 min.) + Balinese Massage (US$26 per hour, 90 minutes $32, 2 hours $36)
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