About Us

About Us

At Satu Satu Spa we believe that wellness and beauty start from within. It just needs to be awakened! Our aim is to provide a one-stop oasis for all your relaxation, wellness, rejuvenation and beauty needs. We hope to create a welcoming space where all can feel safe, relaxed and at ease, and can shut out the worries of everyday life, if only for a few hours! We aim to provide authentic, traditional massage services and modern body treatments for the today’s modern woman and man! Our staff is Thai and (soon also) Khmer and are open to (small) talk, but also to silence and rest, as you desire.


We also believe in giving back to the community. We are proud sponsor of local boys football club PSR, promoting team play, athleticism, sportsmanship, and fun for 12-18 year olds!!!

Our Team​

Khun Annie. Hi, I am Annie Sommuttiram, manager and owner of Satu Satu Spa. I have over 20 years of experience in the massage and beauty industry (yes, yes, Asian women look young, thank you....;)... if, they take care of themselves.....;)). I am a fully certified massage therapist and spa manager. I have worked in and managed spas in Thailand, Dubai, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh and Korea. Satu Satu Spa is my first own endeavor. I am very happy to work here in Phnom Penh with my dear sister and treasured colleagues with whom I have worked in the past.


Khun Best. Welcome to Satu Satu Spa! Eyelash extensions are my speciality. They make you look, hmm, so....special! In the club, bar, restaurant, or even in the office. For that dreamy guy or girl you might be, maybe, interested in, or just for yourself. We can do very light to mega full. Phnom Penh has an exciting, but friendly nightlife, so if you do go out, come prepared and look your best! I also do facial treatments and body scrubs. PS: My (older) sister - to the left - thinks she is my boss, but I still love her!

Khun Ao. Hi am new to Cambodia, but not new to massage and beauty treatments. I was trained at Wat Pho and have worked in various high-end spas in Bangkok for over twenty years. I also worked in Bangladesh and India. I am happy to be here in Phnom Penh and help start up Satu Satu Spa with Annie. I used to work with Annie's mother! I specialize in aroma and oil-based massage, including Thai, Balinese, Swedish, Sport, Deep Tissue and Trigger point variants. Let me know your preference.

Staff - Thai massage in phnom penh

Khun Ploy. I am Ploy. I studied already quite some time ago at Uttradit Polytechnic College and the Center for Skill Development and Labor. I have been a massage therapist for 12 years. Feel free to discuss with me what parts of the body you feel discomfort in. I like providing a mix of firm oil or aroma massage combined with some Thai stretching. That really helps reinvigorate and heal the body. People often have a lot of stress and pain inside. I am equally happy to do a soothing, relaxation massage as well. Please let me know what you prefer.

Khun Puy. This is my first time working abroad. I have 20 years of experience and have worked at various spas including the Mandarin Oriental and in The Best in Bangkok. I was trained at Wat Pho. Cambodia is very similar to Thailand, though the food is more spicy at home! Phnom Penh is very nice, I love to shop for vegetables, and the air is much better than in Bangkok. I specialize in Thai massage, Swedish and regular oil massage. Trigger point massage can be very beneficial for office workers.

We have highly experienced staff from Thailand and (soon) Cambodia!

You’ll get the best mix of professional experience and creativity with us.
Authentic Thai Massage and Beauty Treatment in downtown Phnom Penh
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